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Hugh Blames started his career of a real estate agent 12 years ago, when he lived in New York. This was a pretty good experience for him, taking into account the location and amount of deals he had to complete. As time went by, Hugh and his family decided to move to Denver, where he works until these days. Hugh managed to make use of the expertise he has got in New York to achieve top notch results in Denver. As of today, he is included into the list of the best local real estate agents.

Hugh is always open for new experience. He isn’t afraid of the most complicated deals, considering them a challenge for himself. He has many clients, who recommend him to their colleagues, friends and relatives. For over 8 years of work in Denver, Hugh has successfully completed dozens of deals, leaving his clients satisfied. He doesn’t plan to stop at his current achievements. Hugh currently focuses on residential deals, income property sales, leasing and other types of deals that adhere to the needs and preferences of buyers, tenants and sellers, who contact him willing to avail the top notch services.

Even though, Hugh wasn’t born in Denver, he knows pretty much about the location and real estate organization observed here. He’s been living in the state of Colorado for over 8 years and has managed to learn a lot about the place. Hugh has a family of his own. He is happily married to Carrie and they have two sons. Hugh is fond of active lifestyle and traveling. He tries his best effort to spend his free time with his family, exploring the wonders of different countries of the world.